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Greg Bates talks recording his upcoming project, songwriting and his Martin Guitars in his interview with Guitar World’s Laura B. Whitmore.

Below is an excerpt from the interview- For full story click  HERE



“I understand that you’re in the studio now working on something new. Is that correct?

Yeah, I’m about to go into the studio with Frank Rogers, who’s obviously worked with Brad Paisley and Josh Turner and Darius Rucker and had tremendous success with all of those guys. I’m about to go in with him and cut the first round of songs. Right now, it’s just been a lot of writing songs and trying to find the best songs we can to go into the studio with.

Do you write a ton of songs and then pick 10 of them or something?

Yeah. I think for the last record I did, I wrote upwards of 300 songs to pick 12. I’m not exactly sure how we picked 12 out of 300, but we did it somehow.”